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Need some clever copy for your new or existing website? I can do that! If you want to turn website visitors into users, buyers, readers or signer-uppers, you need copy that sells. Duh! When I say copy that sells, I definitely don't mean those long-form sales letters you see when you click the wrong link on a gossip website. You know the kind with the million pop-ups asking if you're sure you want to "leave this page"? I hate that s**t. Copy that sells is personal, personable and speaks to your specific audience. And, most importantly, it separates the wheat from the chaff.

How does it work?

I could give you a step-by-step breakdown, but I'll just give the juiciest, most important deets about what my work process entails. I am a firm believer in due diligence, and before I even set pen to paper (yes I still use pens and notebook paper), we will discuss your projects needs, establish a firm set of goals, and evaluate your copy's desired tone.

Getting started

Provide a creative brief and create a copywriting questionnaire.